Andina En

Since 1981 Andina GmbH has been supplying the international market. We are working according to the specifications and wishes of our customers as a special challenge. To get an idea of our scope of supply, please take a look at Products & Services.


Since 1981 we have been supplying the international market with technical equipment, mainly companies of the basic industry of following sectors: mining, paper production and wood processing, mechanical and process engineering, power generation, oil and gas refineries, petro-chemistry, textile, ore, cement, steel.

Our highly qualified and experienced technical service is especially experienced in the extension and modernization of plants. We supply complete plants, systems and special parts based on the technical specifications prepared in cooperation with the customer.

Our most important quality is the flexibility of being able to quote industrial devices and machines as well as specific spare parts of European, particularly German origin.

Products & Services

We supply:

  • Industrial machinery and spare parts according to customers specification
  • Boilers, auxiliary equipments, burners and spare parts; steam ejectors
  • tubes, fittings, sheets, (made of stainless steel and other types of metal)
  • Motors and machines
  • Electric, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic devices and spare parts
  • Heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, tanks ( based on drawings and technical specifications )
  • Pumps, compressors, gear units and spare parts, all kinds of valves
  • Graphite crucibles, metal probes and materials related to special metal-foundries
  • Diesel generators, turbocompressors, turbines and spare parts
  • Control and measuring equipment and instruments
  • Laboratory equipment, filters and filter elements
  • Bearings, mechanical seals and packings
  • Knives for machines related to paper and wood industry
  • Original spare parts of European equipment, especially German machines
  • Cranes, all kinds of tools, equipment and spare parts
  • Rolls for the paper, textile, steel industry and others
  • Test of materials related to quality control: destructive and non-destructive tests (ultrasonic equipment, X-ray, etc.) incl. accessories (i. e. X-ray filmes)
  • Design and manufacture according to customers  specification
  • Spare parts for heavy rolling equipment (as excavators, loaders, etc.): tracks, tracks essay, rolls, tooth replacement, cutting edges, idlers, sprockets
  • Industrial security equipment and personal protection
  • Chemical products


Business Partner

Since 2011 we are the sales partner of Polarteknik Oy (formerly PIMATIC) and PMC Cylinders for the German market. Please contact us for enquiries or questions regarding the product portfolio of our partners.

Pneumatic products production and design includes standard and special valves and cylinders as well as valves, regulators and connectors. PIMATIC is the historical trade brand of this company.

Hydraulic solutions production and design includes standard and customized hydraulic cylinders and products.